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New encounters in digital locations

As an official partner of Gather, überwegs REMOTE offers the conception and design of virtual locations on their platform. In these digital spaces, users walk around autonomously as avatars and start conversations via video chat as soon as they get close to each other. This offers new experiences in the digital world and encourages participation and interaction between individuals. Let us introduce you to the possibilities offered by überwegs REMOTE.

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We are looking towards the future

Our services not only have a high-quality standard and encourage innovation and participation, they also play an important role in sustainability. Thanks to the various possibilities of using a Gather-Space, you can save on budgets, time and even CO2. With a virtual event location from überwegs REMOTE, your international guests no longer have to board a plane. With a digital office, you offer your employees a long-term and innovative environment for independent co-working. Your individual BRANDspace has a sustainable right to exist in our ever-changing world.

überwegs REMOTE

Allow yourself to be surprised by the possibilities of ueberwegs REMOTE.

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service packages

We support you in all aspects of virtual events, meetings, conferences and exhibitions on Gather. Our comprehensive portfolio of services allows you to choose individual modules for your project. Of course, we are happy to advise you on how to put them together.

  • Individual BRANDspaces

    Online Location in gather town

    Every brand needs a BRANDspace. That’s a view we hold with passion. We conceptualise, design and develop your virtual Gather space, in line with your brand identity and brand design and tailored to your individual purposes.

    The collaborative project starts with a workshop in which the expectations and functionalities as well as the basic design concept of the space are worked out. Based on these results, our screen designers develop multifunctional BRANDspaces.

    Price range: from 4,900 euros net, plus server capacities and licence costs.

  • Spaces for rent

    Fertige Online Location in gather town

    There might also be reasons against an individual BRANDspace: Maybe you don’t have the budget? Or you just want to try out Gather for the time being? With our virtual rental locations, we offer you one-time usable worlds for small budgets. Of course, we can make minor adjustments to integrate your corporate design into the world.

    Price range: from 490.00 euros net for one-time use, plus server capacity.

  • Project ­management

    Projektmanagement für gather town

    We manage your projects holistically from concept to evaluation. This guarantees a smooth flow of your projects from start to finish and ensures that your planned projects will be a success.

  • Speakers & ­Moderators

    Redner in gather town

    Do you still need a suitable professional speaker or moderator for your event to guide your guests through the agenda and provide orientation? Especially in Gather, speakers and moderators face special challenges in dealing with the audience. We are happy to support you in your search and/or booking and to train your speakers and moderators for an outstanding performance in Gather.

  • Workshop & ­discussion formats

    Interaktive Workshops in gather town

    Sometimes it takes unique ideas to share content and encourage interaction and participation. We are happy to help you find suitable workshop and discussion formats that fit your concept perfectly. In addition to finding ideas, we can also support you in the implementation of such formats and provide suitable tools, methods and workshop leaders.

  • Guest management

    Ansprechpartner für gather town

    We are happy to create a landing page with a registration form for your event or design your invitation, both digitally and printed. We will ensure that your guests receive all the information and the access link to the space in time.

  • Tool integration

    Interaktive Zusammenkünfte in gather town

    When planning a lecture with more than 100 participants, the integration of an external communication tool (e.g. Zoom or Teams) is necessary for technical reasons (status: Q1 2022). We take care of the smooth integration of these and other tools in Gather. For example, collaborative documents or whiteboards can also be added to enhance the interactivity of your project.

  • Motion design

    Motion Design für ihr gather town projekt

    Do you need custom-made videos for your conference? Would you like to record your exhibition in an after-movie? With our agency’s professional motion team, we can satisfy (almost) every wish.

  • Advertising

    Werbemaßnahmen für ihr gather town projekt

    Your event needs an eye-catching campaign? You need support creating additional marketing materials and give-aways? With our agency we provide all competences for the realisation of effective media and marketing measures.

  • Media production ­and integration

    Präsentationsgestaltung für gather town

    A variety of media can be integrated into Gather, from video clips to PDFs to an animated game, there are almost no limits. In addition to integration, we are also happy to take on the design of any files to give them a unified and consistent look and feel.

Spontaneous? Discover our spaces for rent

The right environment for every occasion: Realise your project in one of our rental spaces and book your virtual stay - even at short notice. We are happy to adapt our premade rental spaces to your preferred design, allowing elements of your corporate identity to be incorporated. Didn't find what you were looking for? We are happy to advise you on all other options!

  • ein space in gather town


    Recommended for creative co-working, interactive meetings and workshops or small events (50 guests).

  • ein space in gather town in der lake lounge


    Recommended for casual networking or small to medium events (50-400 guests).

  • der gather town space standup

    Standup stage

    Recommended for small to medium corporate events and conferences, casual networking events, shows or concerts (20-100 guests).

  • Social Mietspace in gather town


    Recommended for small to medium networking sessions or creative co-working (10-50 guests).

  • Discovery Mietspace in gather town


    Recommended for medium to large trade fairs, exhibitions or as a showroom (50-200 guests).

Schedule a meeting in our showroom



  • What is Gather?

    Gather is an American start-up that has developed an innovative meeting platform. On this platform, users can move autonomously in virtual locations as avatars and talk to others via video chat. In addition to the dialogue mechanics that many are already familiar with from common video conferencing tools such as Zoom, etc., Gather also offers many other functions that encourage interaction between participants.

  • What can Gather be used for?

    The potentials of a digital Gather space are almost limitless. A major part is taken up by virtual events, which can be filled with innovative concepts thanks to the variety of functions offered by Gather. Unusual discussion and workshop formats such as fish bowls or bar camps are usually only used in person – however, thanks to the autonomy in Gather, these agile methods are becoming possible again. Apart from digital events, the virtual locations are also suitable as remote offices, showrooms or interactive online shops. We would be happy to advise you on your options.

  • Who isn’t Gather suitable for?

    For events with linear lectures and no other agenda points such as parallel lectures, networking, etc., the use of Gather is less suitable. In this case, we recommend the use of simpler video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

  • I would like to use Gather, but I don't have a real concept for the use of my space yet. Can we still talk about an individual space?

    Of course we can! We do not only support our customers in the conception and design of their individual spaces, but we are also happy to help with their concept. Whether with fresh ideas for a large event or with recommendations for very unique ways of using the space that offer you and your company added value.

  • I already have a Gather Space and would like to develop it further. Can you help me?

    We are always happy to advise you if you want to make sure that your own Gather Space is suitable for your concept and that it functions perfectly from a technical point of view. In a meeting with you, we can take a look at your space and give you our recommendations and tips. Simply contact us by e-mail at

  • What about data security?

    Gather does not store video or audio recordings of conversations that take place on the platform. The transmission takes place via WebRTC. No personal data needs to be provided in order to use the tool. If needed, we are happy to support you in the processing of individual data protection agreements (data processing contracts, security questionaires, etc.).

  • Why is überwegs REMOTE an official partner of Gather? What advantages do I gain from that?

    Official partners of Gather are characterised by a high level of expertise in the use of the tool. überwegs REMOTE qualifies as an official partner in particular through its high design and consulting standards.

    As a customer, you particularly benefit from the latest know-how in consulting, direct support with Gather in case of technical problems and a discount on server capacities.

  • Does Gather work on smartphones and tablets?

    Gather continuously works on optimising their service on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, for the time being, you will only have the reliable and full experience on a desktop PC or laptop using the latest version of the Chrome, Edge or Firefox internet browsers.

  • What costs can I expect?

    The costs vary depending on what services you want. A virtual space for one-time use for a limited period of time can be rented for as little as 500 euros net. An individual BRANDspace usually requires a minimum budget of 5,000 euros net. This includes a conception workshop, the screen design of the space, project management and initial placement of the content.

  • What's the deal with the server capacities?

    If more than 25 people are in a Gather space, it is necessary to book additional server capacities. This works via Gather tickets, which can be purchased per person either for two hours, one to several days or one to several months. Thanks to the partnership with Gather, customers of überwegs REMOTE receive a discount on the ticket costs, so it is advisable to manage the booking through us as well. This way, you don’t have to take care of the booking with Gather, but only receive an invoice listing all project services including the server capacities.

Let our team advise you!

  • Founder & Managing Director

    Uwe Berger

    Founder & Managing Director

  • Project Management

    Annika Lambrecht

    Project Management

  • Project Management Assistance

    Johan Just

    Project Management Assistance

  • Screendesign

    Christian Hackel


  • Art Director Digital Design

    Christian Strube

    Art Director Digital Design